PerfReviews is a project by Joan León y José M. Pérez.
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We improve the performance of your website.

We have broad experience improving web performance and analyzing the impact on business metrics. We know how to balance effort and impact to focus on changes that are affordable and will improve your results.

We have proven experience building sites at scale in companies like Tuenti, Spotify, Mediaset, Infojobs, Coches, and Mil Anuncios, with a strong focus in usability and performance.

We are also recognized as Google Developer Experts in Web Technologies.

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Our Services

Web Performance Audits

The performance of your website is very important. A web that loads quickly on any device and network conditions improves key business metrics. We will work with you and your team to identify the main problems that affect the performance of your website.

Once the study is completed, we will provide a detailed document with tips to help the development team improve both the performance and the user experience of your website.

Our Process

  1. It all starts with a call. Together we will agree on the expected improvements and objectives.
  2. We will provide a detailed performance report, including specific solutions, ready to be delivered to your development team.
  3. We will schedule 2 one-hour follow-up meetings to make sure we are making progress.

Book your web performance audit

795 € (VAT not included)

Hire our performance audit services

Expert Consulting

If you have specific questions about your site or need quick feedback about a web performance optimization project you are thinking about, we are here to help you. Contact us to book a videocall so we can help you.

Book your consulting service

99 € / hour (VAT not included)

Hire our hourly consulting services

Workshops and Training

Learn about the main culprits in web performance, how to fix them and keep them under control.

Contact us to know more

Recent Posts on our Blog

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June 22, 2020

We talked with Nico about Piio's image optimization service, how he sees the current state of web performance, and how Piio makes the developer's job easier.

How to Estimate Web Performance Impact Before Making Fixes

May 20, 2020

In this post we present several ways of assessing the potential performance gains before implementing improvements. This will help building the case and prioritizing performance work.

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We attended Google Developer Experts Summit 2019 and visited Cloudinary's offices in Santa Clara, California.

Where do I start to optimize my images?

October 11, 2019

As web development professionals, we care about choosing the best framework, the most current library, applying good practices in Javascript and CSS, being careful of the semantics in HTML to improve SEO, we are improving the accessibility of our content, we package and we divide the files to optimize the load... But what about images?

The video format on the web

August 28, 2019

After founding the heaviest image on the web (according to HTTP Archive), we have not resisted the temptation to dig further and figure out what went wrong and alternatives to serve a lighter alternative.

How to keep up to date on web performance

August 09, 2019

Tips and resources to learn about web performance. Tools, websites and developers who write about new techniques and APIs to create sites that load fast and are data conscious.

The main news about Web Performance presented in Google I/O 2019

May 13, 2019

We list the main news around web performance and products presented in Google I/O 2019. LightWallet, Lighthouse Stack Packs, Portals, Native Lazy Loading, and much more.

Home Blog Web Performance Audits En Español