PerfReviews is a project by Joan León y José M. Pérez.
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We improve the performance of your website.

We have broad experience improving web performance and analyzing the impact on business metrics. We know how to balance effort and impact to focus on changes that are affordable and will improve your results.

We have proven experience building sites at scale in companies like Tuenti, Spotify, Infojobs, Coches, and Mil Anuncios, with a strong focus in usability and performance. We are also recognized as Google Developer Experts in web technologies.

Our Services

Web Performance Audits

The performance of your website is very important. A web that loads quickly on any device and network conditions improves key business metrics. We will work with you and your team to identify the main problems that affect the performance of your website.

Once the study is completed, we will provide a detailed document with tips to help the development team improve both the performance and the user experience of your website.

Our process

  1. It all starts with a call. Together we will agree on the expected improvements and objectives.
  2. We will provide a detailed performance report, including specific solutions, ready to be delivered to your development team.
  3. We will schedule 2 one-hour follow-up meetings to make sure we are making progress.

Book your web performance audit

795 € (VAT not included)

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Learn about the main culprits in web performance, how to fix them and keep them under control.

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Home Web Performance Audits Our Services En Español